Carey Lucas

325514 WTSP
480 Green Chapel Rd
Henning TN 38041
Email provider: JPay



I’m Carey. I’m 36 years old with long black & red hair, dark brown eyes and I’m 5’7” tall.

I am currently in search of someone serious to get to know and spend my time with. I enjoy the outdoors, music, traveling, being a housewife, and football. I’m very open minded and outgoing. I’m a computer/phone geek and I’m also a kid at heart, as I still love video games and X-box.

I am single with no ties to anyone. I am looking/wanting to start an entirely new fresh start upon my release and I am completely and most definitely ready and willing to relocate. I’m searching for love, companionship, trust and commitment. I want to find happiness and turn my life around. I want someone I can depend on and lean on if I need a shoulder. Someone who isn’t afraid to show their emotions and who will treat me with lots of TLC, spoil me, give their time and attention, and give me lots of affection, honor, respect and love.

I want someone not afraid on taking a chance and someone who will stand with me until I am able to get released and not be judgemental because of where I currently am. I want someone who will love hard but be gentle. I simply want someone willing to take me away from here and give me a brand new life.

I sincerely hope we can become friends and so much more. Write to me. I would love to hear from you.

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RACE Caucasian
Gender Female
Date of Birth 11/05/1981
Age 36
Religion N/A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Sexual Orientation Bi-Sexual
Home town Knoxville, TN
Height 5'7"
Marital Status Single

Crimes Forgery x3, theft of property 10,000 to 60,000
Earliest Release Date 2018-11-15
Latest Release Date 2019
incarcerated since date 2014
Death row No
Serving Life Sentence No