Natasha Cluff

1092439 Fluvanna Corr. Center
PO Box 1000
Troy VA 22974
Email provider: JPay


Hi handsome, 35 y/0 160 pounds of juiciness. Released 12-2018, attracted to guys with solid values, one who is steadily employed, giving, light hearted, emotionally available, xrated, and chivalrous. For companionship with the gives and takes and compromises that are necessary for a strong relationship and a good base for a future. Not interested in any man I have to figure out, chase, or change.

About me: Sunny and welcoming disposition. A cosmetologist thus I enjoy helping other people feel and look their best. I love people. The color pink makes me smile. Love cats, open mic events, sport bars and festivals w/bbq.

Interested in: a relationship without the heaviness of judging and competition. I am an open door. I feel foreplay starts with the ability to communicate freely. I am old fashioned about love and romance, thus I love a gentleman with strong family values and respect for himself and others.

I am a stilleto chic, love heels, perfume, beautiful clothes, a clean home, and home cooked meals! State fried eggs. Pet peeve, someone unreliable. I do believe in destiny, fate, and luck. Love to read old dusty almanacs, do crossword puzzles, watch Jeopardy, and play scrabble. I also enjoy a good competitive game of volleyball. A night at home that ends with a glass of red wine and you and I alone to be ideal on Friday’s. Not into the night life.

Hopefully I’ve shared enough to peak your interest. If so, please contact me, I’d love to get to know you… email or 804-203-0669 leave message with your contact info and phone number…I await you.

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RACE Multi-racial
Gender Female
Date of Birth 07/04/1983
Age 35
Religion N/A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Sexual Orientation Bi-Sexual
Home town Washington DC
Height 5'5"
Marital Status Single

Crimes Violation of probation
Earliest Release Date 2019-02-07
Latest Release Date 2019
incarcerated since date 2016
Death row No
Serving Life Sentence No