Timothy Kelly

J00013 SATF
PO Box 5242
Corcoran CA 93212
Email provider: JPay


I love to read and I really enjoy fantasy books. I also like non fiction books too such as ancient peoples of Europe, ect.ect. If I could I'd like to go to all the national parks, love the the outdoors. I lived in Lake Arrowhead with my aunt for a min and that was great. I've traveled a lot before I was locked up. Just about every year my mom and dad would drive either back east, Texas, Vegas, and or to the River. When I was young me and a girl thumbed it a few places. I learned how to swim in the Colorado hot springs with another girl. I learned how to rope and ride horses in Nebraska. I've been to just about every state and to Canada and Mexico a bunch of times. I got lost one time going to Niagara Falls, ended up in Maine somehow? I liked to explore and just see what's out in this big ole world. Yeah so being trapped in this hell is double for me more than most. I like music too, pretty much 80's Rock but l'll give everything a chance, I do like a lil classical too. I was trying to think of what to put for what/whom I'm looking for. To be frank, I'm in no position to get all demanding (smile), I like to joke around too and have a good laugh. I look forward to hearing from you!! Respectfully Tim.

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RACE Caucasian
Gender Male
Date of Birth 12/11/1970
Age 47
Religion Other
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Home town Cypress
Height 5'9"
Marital Status Single

Crimes Murder
Earliest Release Date
Latest Release Date None
incarcerated since date 1992
Death row No
Serving Life Sentence No