Brice Simpson

M31008 Menard Correctional Center
PO Box 1000
Menard IL 62259
Email provider: JPay


Hi I can tell you many things about myself but personally my life was changed at 24 I am 28 turning 29 and will be 35 when I’m released. I have 2 daughters and a bunch load of nieces and nephews. I love life and see good through everyone, I try to keep my heart pure, my mind is thoughtful. I’m not a user but instead a giver, I am in search for someone who has found herself. Can establish a connection and who don’t judge my character or mistakes of why I’m in prison. But also who understands life has boundaries and mistakes, will you give ma  chance. I lived in Chicago in “14” and got into some really bad relationship. Some things are subjected that cannot be explained.


I can explain things to the truth would you believe me, would you open up and take a chance. I am 6’2” 249 pounds I do have a facebook page for a closer look you can check out both. I’ve seen, know, and done a lot, time is allotted for everybody my life is my family, I need my woman to know I would never break her. A mind is not to be played with like emotions, if you think it’s bullshit I speak I’m not for you and need to go to the next. But if you feeling what I speak, my charges or if nothing else matters keep in touch.

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RACE African-American
Gender Male
Date of Birth 03/19/1990
Age 28
Religion N/A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Sexual Orientation Straight
Home town Rockford, IL
Height 6'2"
Marital Status Single

Crimes criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual abuse
Earliest Release Date 2025-06-11
Latest Release Date 2027
incarcerated since date 2014
Death row No
Serving Life Sentence No