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How It Works

Send text messages directly to the inmate’s SimpliMingle number just like you would any other text message.

When an inmate calls into their SimpliMingle number, they’ll use voice commands to navigate the menu, listen to and send messages. Their messages are delivered to your mobile phone as an audio clip text message.

Call the inmate’s SimpliMingle number and leave them voice messages.

Plans & Pricing

Family & Friends Messaging

  • $3 per month service fee
  • 10¢ per minute
  • 25¢ per message

Instant Connection Profile + Family & Friends Messaging

  • $3 per month service fee
  • 10¢ per minute
  • 25¢ per message
  • Instant Connection profile included

SimpliMingle Elite

  • $13 per month service fee
  • 10¢ per minute
  • 25¢ per message
  • Instant Connection profile included
  • Family and Friend Messaging
  • An assigned personal assistant

Reload Account

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If I message an inmate how long does it take for the message to be delivered?
Your message is delivered to the inmate instantly. However, it can be retrieved by the inmate when they call into their message line to check their messages.
If an inmate messages me, how long does it take for the message to be delivered to me?
The message is delivered instantly to your mobile phone as a voice file text message.
The phones inside my inmate's correctional facility do not allow them to press digits on the phone's keypad. Can they still use your message line service?
Yes. Our system is set up to only allow the inmate to navigate through the message line by voice command.
When my inmate calls their message line number will it accept their prepaid call?
Yes. Our system is designed to auto accept your inmate’s prepaid call. However, it will not accept your inmate’s call if they attempt to make a collect call to their message line number.
How do I add funds to my inmate's SimpliMingle message line?
You can add funds to your inmate’s message line number on our website by selecting the reload funds option on our SimpliMingle.com homepage, or by mailing us a check with your inmate’s name and message line phone number: SimpliMingle, P.O. Box 147, Swansea, MA 02777.
If I sign up an inmate can other people message them?
Yes. Anyone can message the inmate’s message line number.
If I want to sign up more than one inmate can they use the same message line?
No. You will have to create an account for each inmate separately and each will be assigned a different SimpliMingle phone number to access their message line.
Does SimpliMingle message line service operate in all 50 states?
No. We operate in the 48 US contiguous states with the following exceptions: (1) we only operate inside Texas and Arizona county and federal institutions (no state correctional facilities), (2) we do not operate at North Central Correctional Institution located in Gardner, Massachusetts, and (3) we do not operate in Texas state prisons (TDCJ).
Is SimpliMingle's message line service available to county, state and federal inmates?
Once I sign up for an inmate and I give them their local phone number, how long will it take for their message line to be set up?
Our system will need to be provisioned to auto accept your inmate’s prepaid call. This process usually takes between 24-48 hours.
If my inmate moves to a different institution can they still use their message line?
Yes. However, the inmate or a supporter may need to contact SimpliMingle to re-provision the inmate’s message line number in accordance with the new institution’s phone system.
How do I know when to add money to my inmate's message line?
If you are the individual that created your inmate’s SimpliMingle account, then you are designated in our system as their Main Contact. When the message line balance is low, you will start to receive text message alerts to your phone letting you that funds need to be added to avoid interruption of service.

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